UFC Vegas eleven results: Niko worth attracts with Donald Cerrone once eye poke prices him a degree

UFC Vegas eleven results: Niko worth attracts with Donald Cerrone once eye poke prices him a degree

Niko Price and Donald Cerrone faced a heavyweight match tonight (Saturday, September 19, 2020) at UFC Vegas 11 of UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada. After a very enjoyable fight, the battle was scored by an overwhelming majority.

The price attacked first, but Cerrone avoided the punches and took a low kick. Price hit him with his right hand, and Cerrone looked a little wobbly. Price immediately dealt massive damage at close range, attacking his opponent with elbows and elbows. Three large hands on the right connect to "The Hybrid". Cerrone responded with a solid knee to the mid-section. He grabbed the two and rolled the knees. Cowboy crept knee into the jaw. Cerrone stole a physical kick, as Bryce's attack seemed to tire him a bit. Big fell 3-2 versus Price after a paused move. one more time! Sharp scored a hit for Cerrone, who looked for a high kick in the second half. Cerrone's face looked shattered when Price landed with two other hooks. Bryce's clean left hook landed and slashed his jaw, but Cerrone responded with a physical kick.

The price lost a point for an illegal second blow in the eye. "Cowboy" hit a low kick at the bell.

Price scored three low kicks on his own to start the second. Seron grabbed a header at his opponent. Price attacked the lead calf again. The price drilled a hook for the body. Inside a low kick landed for Cerrone. Cerrone landed a long blow. The price fell 1-2, absorbing the body punch. Intercepting a knee to Cerrone and then another pair of punches to the body! Back kick spin for Cowboy. Bryce landed a few powerful kicks as he advanced, but Cerrone caught it with his right hand. Price scored 3-2, and his physical kicks were affecting Cerrone. A good blow from the veteran and then a lead elbow. Price kicked the leg. Price ended the tour with a good body kick.

The price opened the final round with four knock-downs. The price is almost successfully strangely dropping by the defenders. Record a long blow for the price. The big right hand connected by Price, by Cerrone landed a good comeback kick. Cerrone punches affinity record. Double-eye poke stops working! Cerrone scored a takedown and jumped back. The price slipped out the back door and let his discount back. Cerrone targeted the body, absorbing another low kick. Two fragile left hooks landed for Cerrone. Cowboy header at break! Commercial punches. The battle ends with a series of wild exchanges.

This match was highly competitive, as Cerrone survived in the terrible opening minute of the rally late in the fight. In the end, the rulers reasonably declared the battle a draw

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