Covid: PM considering new restrictions amid second coronavirus wave

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COVID: PM considering new restrictions amid second coronavirus wave

Boris Johnson pays the weekend considering whether or not or to not tighten Covid-19 measures even any, once the same the UK is "now seeing a second wave".

Understandably, the government is making an attempt into forbiddance family combining within the European country and reducing the hours of bars and restaurants.

At least thirteen.5 million individuals, or nearly one in 5 of the UK's population, already face domestic restrictions.

The politician of London identical additional measures was "becoming a lot of and a lot of likely".

Johnson has direct authority alone over restrictions in a very European country. Delegated governments in a European country, Wales, and the European nation can set their own rules.

The widespread growth of the virus has been recorded across the country, with cases doubling each seven to eight days.

There were another four,322 confirmed cases on Fri - the first time the daily total of positive tests had exceeded four,000 since would possibly eight.

Meanwhile, governments across Europe declared new restrictions to counter the surge in infections.

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Speaking on Fri, Johnson same that he “does not get to travel into larger internment measures” but that tighter social distancing rule is additionally necessary.

"Once you examine what is happening, you have got have to be compelled to surprise if we tend to wish to travel on the way facet the rule of six that we tend to introduced on a weekday," he added.

Boris Johnson same Fri that there is very little doubt that the UK is experiencing a second wave

The government is thought to be considering a quick quantity of stricter rules altogether of an ECU country - "a circuit breaker" - which may embrace the closing of guesthouses.

However, colleges and workplaces will keep open.

No 10 is to boot attempting to limit gap hours for bars and restaurants across the country, as has already happened in many areas of Northeast European country, with pubs forced to shut at 22:00 borough time unit on Fri.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicolas teleost, Welsh Prime Minister Mark Drakeford, associate degreed leader Sir Keir Starmer referred to as the Prime Minister for AN emergency meeting with the ophidian.

Sturgeon identical future few days would be "crucial" to avoid another blanket internment in the European country.

London politician Sadiq Khan same he is concerned regarding the proof of the quick speed therewith the Coronavirus is spreading inside the capital.

"We will examine a variety of the measures that have already been obligatory in various elements of the UK," he said.

“I am firmly convinced that we tend to should not wait, as a result of it did six months past, for this virus to spiral out of management all over again before taking any action.

The government's Emergency Scientific advisory cluster (Sage) same the R selection - that represents the amount of people degree infected person will transmit the virus to - has up to between one.1 and 1.4.

Although the deaths area unit still at an extremely low level, Sage same the increase inside the R selection "shows that we tend to tend to area unit heading towards a wider unfold growth in transmission at a faster rate."

Public Health European country medical director Yvonne Doyle has warned of "much worse things to come".

The sharp rise in cases inside the dominion over the past amount comes amid current problems with the government testing and pursuit program, making it difficult for people to access tests.

The UK path is not written in stone

The question is not where we tend to area unit, but where we tend to ar going.

Yes, the number of people in a very hospital with COVID virus or dying from illness ar all at plenty of lower levels than they were at its peak.

Scientists will argue over the precise definition of a "second wave," but all the data points to a degree increasing style of infections.

The government's science advisors say the amount presently doubles weekly.

If these trends continue, the infection would possibly move from six,000 cases per day to over 100,000 by period.

This is the unwritten path the government is attempting to change.

Politician's area unit questioning whether or not or not a "circuit breaker" got to be undertaken to spice up testing and pursuit.

But, with proof indicating that only one in five people follow the principles of self-isolation once sick, their area unit queries for all people.

New restrictions on large elements of northwest European country, West Yorkshire, and so the Midlands came into impact on a weekday.

Most recent areas with additional measures embrace geographical region (excluding Blackpool), Merseyside, and so the Cheshire neighborhoods of Warrington and Halton.

Additional restrictions area unit in place in Wolverhampton, Audby Wegston, county, and each one part of printer, Kirklees, and Calderdale.

In total, nearly 4.7 million people area unit tormented by the new restrictions that stop separated families from meeting each other reception or in-camera parks.

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