RTX 3080 - Nvidia's RTX 3080 is already sold pretty much everywhere online in the US


Nvidia's new RTX 3080 graphics card went on sale earlier these days, however, it's just like the new $ 699 GPU has already oversubscribed out everyplace. within us, the Amazon, Newegg, Best obtain, and Nvidia web site either list the cardboard as not out there or with the choice to apprize it only if the cardboard is offered. Even inventory check sites like NowInStock.net seem empty-handed.

Over Twitter, reports have surfaced of individuals attempting to get the cardboard face to face and not being therefore lucky. A user reported folks bivouacking outside their native small Center for some of the days to secure a stock of solely eleven cards future. He announces the last picture of individuals lining up all night outside their native store before his manager had to tell a queue of "30-40 people" that they might solely guarantee ten cards available.

When we visited the small Center in the borough for ourselves at ten a.m. ET today, we tend to found a queue outside whereas folks were waiting to induce their new graphics card. we tend to could not obtain one for ourselves.

Understandably, many folks are indignant that the primary batch of recent devices has been lost. Responses to a recent tweet from Nvidia give some nice examples. Some have reported keeping several browser tabs open for various on-line stores able to obtain the new cards, solely to miss all. Others the same that despite their efforts to update the page perpetually, they ne'er saw associate choice to purchase a card.

It is unclear however long this inventory shortage can last. in an exceedingly recent tweet, Newegg antecedently same it might not build its full stock of cards out there on a primary day. However, Nvidia recently told the U.S. that the cards are currently in production with "big" returns, giving some hope that there is also additional stock out there shortly.

Dozens of individuals flock outside physical stores for an opportunity to get the RTX 3080

After attempting the cardboard ourselves, we tend to weren't stunned that it evidenced fashionable. though it needs a strong power supply to run, we tend to found that it offers a major performance boost over the previous generation Nvidia cards, particularly once operational at higher resolutions like 1440p and 4K, or once victimization new technologies like DLSS and ray tracing. My colleague Tom Warren wrote, "4K computer games ar here, finally among everyone's reach."

The Nvidia RTX 3080 is not the solely new graphics card the corporate has introduced this year. among per week, on September twenty-four, the corporate is emotional the RTX 3090, a $ 1,499 GPU monster, that the corporate claims are capable of enjoying 60fps at 8K. In October, the corporate plans to unleash the RTX 3070, a less expensive $ 499 card. Given the response we have seen these days, we do not expect the RTX 3070 to be a lot of easier to induce your hands on. rival AMD additionally has its graphics card announcement planned for Oct twenty-eighth.

If that produces you are feeling higher, console players haven't had far better within the past twenty-four hours. once Sony declared that pre-orders for the PS5 would begin on September seventeenth, some retailers started taking orders too early, turning the total state of affairs into a large number.

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