Lewy body dementia - What is Lewy body dementia? Robin Williams struggled with this diagnosis

Ahead of a documentary Robin’s want concerning his death, Robin Williams’ widow shared that he had been living with Lewy Body insanity (LBD) toward the tip of his life, that ultimately semiconductor diode to the couple felt they were “chased by associate invisible monster” by the tough to diagnose the neurodegenerative disorder.

The condition, consistent with the Alzheimer’s Association, maybe a common style of progressive insanity (second most typical once Alzheimer’s illness, with 1.4 million folks experiencing it). It happens once supermolecule deposits (which are known as Lewy bodies) develop in numerous nerve cells within the brain — it will cause noesis and memory problems, changes within the manner an individual walks and balances, sleep problems, and vivid hallucinations.

Lewy body proteins also are related to Parkinson’s and patients with them will typically have the “plaques and tangles” seen in Alzheimer’s patients, consistent with the salad dressing Clinic. “Many folks with Parkinson’s eventually develop issues with thinking and reasoning,” consistent with the Alzheimer’s Association, “and many of us with Lewy body insanity expertise movement symptoms, like stooped posture, rigid muscles, a shuffling walk, and bother initiating movement.”

What are the symptoms of Lewy Body Dementia?

According to the salad dressing Clinic, symptoms for LBD include:

Visual hallucinations.

Movement disorders.

Poor regulation of body functions (autonomic nervous system)

Dizziness falls and intestine problems like constipation.

Cognitive issues.

Sleep difficulties.

Fluctuating attention.



LBD is often associate elusive and complex identification

“Robin Williams struggled with obtaining the proper identification, that repeatedly parallels the expertise we tend to hear from folks with LBD and their admired one's United Nations agency decision our helpline,” Norma Jacques Loeb, executive of the Lewy Body insanity Resource Center, aforementioned in very promulgation. The condition

One of the most complications with LBD, consistent with specialists, is however tough it is often to accurately diagnose. The earliest symptoms are almost like a variety of different conditions from Alzheimer’s to Parkinson’s to depression. ” 

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