Spotify offers Google Nest Mini free to Premium subscribers (again)

Spotify offers Google Nest Mini free to Premium subscribers (again)

 This latest offering from Spotify gives new and existing Premium Google Nest Mini subscribers free of charge, to bring home audio-activated music playback.

Spotify has a history of offering Google Home / Nest Mini Speakers to various subsets of their subscriber base for free and this latest offering is no different.

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Probably the best part is that it is open to “all eligible new and existing Spotify Premium account holders, family, Duo account and prime students in the UK”, which means whether you've been paying for Spotify for years or have been thinking of pulling the trigger on Premium for the first time, That's a good reason to get the most out of the service right now.

Those who previously reaped the benefits of such shows from Spotify will appreciate the convenience of kicking their favorite artist's top songs with a simple voice command and thanks to Google's efforts, things should sound a lot sweeter this time.

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The second-generation Google Home Mini arrived as part of the company’s rebrand in October 2019, under the name Google Nest Mini. Besides the new title, the smallest entry in Google's updated smart speaker lineup features a superior bass cut compared to the first-generation Mini, mainly thanks to poor bass response this time around.

In case you weren't aware, Spotify's premium music service costs £ 9.99 a month for an individual, £ 12.99 a month for two Duo users (provided they live under one roof), and £ 14.99 a month for the Family Plan (which covers up to To six users, living under one roof) and £ 4.99 for a student plan (provided the user is registered with an eligible university).

Aside from the show being only available "as long as supplies last," Premium Members who previously acquired a Smart Speaker through one of Spotify's previous shows will not be able to claim another this time.

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