Why was Corn Flakes invented? Origins of the Kellogg’s breakfast cereal - and therefore the infective agent story debunked

Why was Corn Flakes invented? Origins of the Kellogg’s breakfast cereal - and therefore the infective agent story debunked It is a well-known undeniable fact that rumors and jokes will operate uncontrollably on the web, leading to information being shared all over.

The popular Corn Flakes breakfast cereal has been the topic of a lot of speculation on-line, with an infective agent legend concerning its origins currently higher celebrated than its true story.

So why was Korn Flex fabricated, and is there truth to the present strange rumor?

Who fabricated the corn flakes?

Korn Flex was fabricated by Dr. John William Harvey Will Keith Kellog, AN yank doc, dietitian, inventor, and health activist.

He was a director of the Battle Creek sanitarium in Michigan, a world-famous upbeat center based by the Church of the Adventists.

Sanatorium combined aspects of a spa, treatment establishment, hospital, and building of a high category.

Kellogg treated the made and therefore the poor World Health Organization couldn't afford the expenses of alternative hospitals.

He conjointly devoted the last thirty years of his life to promoting life science, practices geared toward up the genetic makeup of humanity by excluding folks and teams that were judged to be inferior.

Kellogg discouraged interracial mixture and was in favor of sterilization of individuals with mental disabilities.

What will the legend say?

Online legend claims that Corn Flakes was created in a shot to encourage folks to prevent masturbating.

Rumors justify that Dr. John William Harvey Will Keith Kellog believes that sex harms people's physical, emotional, and religious well-being. He in person abstained from sex and every one his youngsters were adopted.

Kellogg aforesaid that self-abuse will result in mood swings, joint stiffness, skin problem, and encephalopathy, and his resolution to treat this was to follow a healthy diet.

It was believed that foods containing sure flavors or seasonings truly increase physical attraction and it's believed that easy foods like grains and cracked will facilitate cut back it.

Therefore, Will Keith Kellog allegedly developed Corn Flakes as a healthy, anti-masturbation breakfast cereal.

What is the true story of Corn Flakes?

Online fact-checking service Snopes represented the rumors as "mostly false".

Snopes explains that whereas cornflakes were "part of Kellogg's broader defense of a straightforward, bland diet," it had been ne'er marketed as AN "anti-masturbation morning meal."

Kellogg advocated a clean life and practiced abstinence, additionally to recommending a pap together of many ways that to discourage masturbation; but, he failed to specifically discuss with cornflakes

"Based on the accessible proof, cornflakes were primarily created as a healthy, pre-prepared, and easy-to-digest breakfast meal, particularly for patients at Will Keith Kellog sanatarium in Michigan," says Snobs.

According to Howard Markel, prof of case history at the University of Michigan and author of a book on the Will Keith Kellog family, the initial plan for the invention of Corn Flakes stemmed from the requirement to organize food that would fight stomach upset. . .

Indigestion was a standard unhealthiness within us within the late nineteenth century.

"No marvel Dr. Will Keith Kellog saw the requirement for delicious," healthy food "based on grains," straightforward to digest "and straightforward to organize, Markel says.

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