Highlights, main games and photos from BYU # 13 loss to Coastal Carolina # 18 between 22-17

Highlights, main games and photos from BYU # 13 loss to Coastal Carolina # 18 between 22-17

 BYU's perfect season finale was melancholy.

It was a match between two of the top 20 bout teams on Saturday in which he defeated seed 18 Coastal Carolina No. 13 BYU 22-17 in a round-trip competition at Brooks Field in Conway, South Carolina.

The Cougars brought the ball back to their level 18 without time, just under a minute. BYU eventually headed for Coastal Carolina 18 by three seconds - assisted by a 33-yard pass by Gunner Romney (19:19) - but Dax Milne was stopped by three of the defenders at a 1-yard line (a) hit across the center. BYU midfielder Zach Wilson was a 5 out of 6 and had ridden the ride for 80 yards.

It's Cougars' first loss of the year - BYU drops to 9-1 - and deals a costly blow to their post-season hopes. The Cougars had dreamed of hitting the New Years Six before, but Saturday's score erases those dreams.

The 10-0 contestants remain in their pursuit of the prestigious pot in a game that has changed four times. It's the biggest win in Coastal Carolina's short four-year history as a member of FBS and the second over the top 25 opponents - the other one was for Chanticleers earlier this historic season.

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Coastal Carolina used an effective rash attack to achieve victory, while a heavy BYU crime is usually justified.

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Coastal Carolina wins the trenches

The contestants were expected to plunge into the trenches, but the smaller domestic team didn't get any of them. Coastal Carolina dominated both lines and offensively, meaning 281 accelerating yards.

The Chanticleers' three touchdowns took 11 or more games (17, 11, and 13), and Coastal Carolina drove 85 yards to get the green light in the fourth quarter. This happened after the first landing - in the first quarter - at 94 yards, the longest-running competition campaign in the school's history.

All this control of the game resulted in a nearly 16-minute lead in possession for Costa Carolina.

BYU is fighting aggressively

BYU used to crack down on crime efficiently in 2020, but this crime against cougar has yet to appear in South Carolina. Instead, BYU scored a 29-yard field goal from Jake Oldroyd only once after halftime, scoring 30 points below the season's lowest point.

The Cougars had a total of 405 yards to attack, but they didn't have much to show. Wilson was postponed to 240 passes (19 out of 30) with a drop and interception, and BYU was only 4 out of 10 in the third defeats; the Cougars failed on both attempts in the crucial fourth quarter when the team ran their chances missed a late match.

The Carolina coastal defense team cheers the ball

Throughout most of the night, Wilson was under constant pressure from the singers. Coastal Carolina finished with five losses and one bag, and two of those interventions came with a loss in the fourth quarter.

The Chanticleers' only sack also came at a critical point in Stage Three: With BYU holding onto a 17-16 lead and a Coastal Carolina 38 with the second and last sixteen, Derick Bush Wilson dropped to lose 12 yards. That was the closest BYU could score until its last flight.

End of the fourth quarter

Coastal Carolina 22, BYU 17

Cougars were stopped within a meter of a successful landing after two previous flights ended with kicks in the fourth quarter. BYU drove its 18th to Coastal Carolina 18 with three seconds remaining, but Dax Milne was pulled over at an exhilarating end just before landing.

11:35, Q4
Coastal Carolina 22, BYU 17

CJ Marable scored at 2 yards, to take 13 games, and 85 yards after he forced Chanticleers BYU to play at the end of the third quarter. For the first time since the game in Houston - and that's exactly that

For the second time in the year - BYU tracks in the fourth quarter. Coastal Carolina spent more than six minutes in the scoring campaign, which is the theme of today's game.

End of the third quarter
BYU 17, Carolina Coast 16

The Chanticleers are in the BYU area and are planning to start the fourth quarter.

A few notes on three quarters:

• BYU has 307 yards to 282 for Costa Carolina

• The players had the ball 12 minutes longer than the Cougars

• Coastal Carolina at 223-yard dash

6:32, Q3
BYU 17, Carolina Coast 16

BYU's second return from the game - which is Tyler Allgeier's mistake in Cougar 30 - results in a 40-yard field goal for Chanticleers. However, the BYU defense held three consecutive matches to force the field goal attempt.

12:28, Q3

BYU 17, Coastal Carolina 13

The Cougars take the opening third-quarter possession for a score when Jake Oldroyd heads for a field goal from 29 yards after turning off 56 yards inside 15. A 23-yard pass for Neil Paw puts the Cougars into the red.

End of the second quarter
BYU 14, Coastal Carolina 13

The Cougars attempted to score to end the first half but a volley of Zach Wilson was caught on the goal line and there was an argument after the match.

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