S.N.L. Parody of Rudy Giuliani and Melissa Caroni's disastrous hearing

 S.N.L. Parody of Rudy Giuliani and Melissa Caroni's disastrous hearing

The emergence of a new public character in the political realm is a precious moment for fans of "Saturday Night Live," one that often begins in a guessing game in which a cast member (or recently a famous guest star) will play a person by the end of the week. Who will make the best Brett Kavanaugh? Robert Mueller, the idealist? Anthony Fauci, the ideal?

So last week at a hearing in Michigan House, after helping Rudy Giuliani familiarize the public with Melissa Caron, he contracted Dominion Voting Systems with confirmed confidence in her unverified allegations of voter fraud that a Wayne County judge had already described as "simply not." SNL's trusted viewers are gone to work.

In particular, "S.N.L." Believers can't help but make comparisons between Caron's signature rhythm and the speech patterns of the girl she wishes she hadn't started a conversation with at a party, the recurring character played by Cecilie Strong.

Sure, Strong took center stage in the opening graphic this weekend, as he played Karon in a parody of the Michigan session.

Kate McKinnon also appeared in the drawing as Giuliani aloud, telling lawmakers that he and President Trump plan to continue challenging the election results: "first in Michigan, then in Georgia, 

MacKinnon added that he would introduce "dozens of smart individuals who are barely drunk, all of whom are eyewitnesses."

The show started with Strong, like Caron, who told the House of Representatives emphatically, "Sorry, he might try to lose place first. Just like I lost all of Trump's ballot papers."

More witnesses testified, including Heidi Gardner as the woman who said she ate the ballot papers; Beck Bennett as Mike Lendl, CEO of My Pillow; Alex Moffat is a victim.

But time and again, proceedings halted Strong's actions, which continued to put forth conspiracy theories (“I voted for Trump, but Biden won? 

Before ending the hearing (and the sketch), McKinnon's Giuliani pledged: "I say the defense is here to stay, but we're never going to rest. Not until this election is canceled.

Eminem simulation of the week

The introduction to this video took some time: Santa Claus (played by Jason Bateman, the evening's host) and his side (Bennett, Feynman, and Kyle Mooney) read letters from the kids before they faced an annoying request from a specially customized Santa fan. This fan is Stu (Pete Davidson), who sings about his Christmas wish in honor of Eminem's song "Stan":

The drawing also features MacKinnon as Dido, Eminem's collaborator on the original song; Bowen Yang as Elton John, who sang a duet "Stan" with Eminem at the 2001 Grammy; He went on until the end to get one last surprise.

Jokes update weekend of the week

At the weekend office update, announcers Colin Ghost and Michael Chi ignited President Trump's failed efforts to reverse his election loss and distribute coronavirus vaccines.

The ghost started:

Yesterday, Trump's attorneys opened another door in their new loss calendar as election lawsuits were filed in six different states. Evidence once again that this administration will never stop fighting - with the exception of Coronavirus. In a video for OnlyFans this week, Trump said these are rigged elections at the highest level. Dude, you are the highest level. I was responsible when the elections took place. And hey, look, I'll believe whatever conspiracy theory you want, as long as you leave in 44 days. I think there were ballot bags hidden. I think the votes were counted illegally in Spain. Or - this is a real theory - that North Koreans in ships dropped ballots in Maine. Because, you know, it is easy for North Koreans to reach the East Coast. Whatever you want us to believe, sir, I am in it. OK?  You are important. But you have to go.

Che continued:

The CDC has recommended that the first people in the United States to receive Covid vaccines be healthcare workers and nursing home residents, while the first to actually receive them will be guests of Colin and Scarlett's Yachting Party. I have mixed feelings about this vaccine. On the one hand, I'm black, of course, I don't really trust her. But on the other hand, I am on a white TV show

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